5 Ultimate Makeup Tips.

The modern world’s pace is getting faster and faster and keeping up has become quite the herculean task. For women who work in this fast paced modern world one tasks that may take more effort than anyone that hasn’t done it may think is the morning makeup routine. The morning makeup routine often means that a woman might have to wake up an entire hour earlier or maybe even more just to make sure you don’t run late because you’re getting ready. Here are 5 tips that might help you with the daily struggle.

Tip #1 Cleanse and Moisturize at night

A lot of women don’t take their makeup off when they get home or if they’re tired enough they might even fall asleep just wearing all their makeup. That is horrific for your skin just thinking about makes my skin want to break out. The acne and the cracks and just the general skin problems will have you spending even more time applying foundation the next day. Just clean your face the night before and put on some nice moisturizing cream before going to bed will do wonders for you.

Tip #2 Cheekbone Contouring

A nice quick tip for applying makeup in the morning is to contour your cheeks. Use a darker brown on the upper cheeks about all the way to the bone line. And use a lighter tone right above the bone line. The whole process takes a measly 5 minutes at the most and you end up looking great so definitely worth it.

Tip #3 Keep it simple

Just limit your makeup usage to mascara and lipstick, for a quick fix they provide more than enough depth to have you looking good. Darker toned lipsticks and matte varieties tend to work best for this quick fix. The idea here is that a little bit really can go a long way just adding a touch to your face.

Tip #4 Care for your eyebrows

A lot of women tend to underestimate the importance of eyebrows and constantly pluck them which often leads to skinny looking weaker eyebrows. Stop that. Go get your eyebrows threaded as they are the experts find somewhere you trust and let them do their magic. Now the idea here is that good, full, well maintained eyebrows can actually reduce the need for heavy makeup routines altogether as they help you look gorgeous as is or with very little makeup.

Tip #5 Have the right brushes

Using a single brush may seem like the smarter idea but you’re honestly wasting so much time. Have the right brushes ready for different applications of makeup. Invest in beauty brushes trust me they’re worth it.

Bonus Tip Get an Amazing Setting Spray for Makeup

Setting Spray should be a part of your routine in general already. But if it isn’t pick one up and start working that into your whole routine because it really is worth that little bit of extra time and effort.