A Guy Learning About Makeup

I feel like a lot of you have been noticing my articles discussing women’s makeup and things of that nature. Let me just say a few things about why I now talk about women’s makeup before we move forward okay? Just because I’m a guy doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to have an opinion on makeup. Being a guy doesn’t disqualify me from knowing about women’s makeup, of course there’s nothing to say that I’m right about my opinions either but that’s the thing I’m allowed to have an opinion and those opinions can change over time as I learn more about these topics.

How are men supposed to know anything if we’re not allowed to have these conversations. I know may sound a bit preachy but it’s hard not to be when the concerns I have come from people telling me I’m not allowed to comment. I’ll see women who have way too much makeup on for my taste or from time to time just bad application of makeup and when I say something my female friends immediately try to rip me a new one. The argument isn’t whether my opinion is right or not it’s the fact that I’m allowed to have one. It’s all extremely interesting and if I’m wrong about something then you’re free to correct me and explain to me what exactly I got wrong.

The discernment which Amazon makeup primer is the best is really a matter of preference in most cases and that shouldn’t be anything surprising. Surely there’s more than one product that does well in performing what’s advertised on the label. There can’t just be one good concealer or a single actual best foundation out there. What really matters is what’s best for you specifically everything before that criterion is just quality control.