I Hate Animal Testing

So, what do you consider when buying beauty products? Is it the ingredients? The claims? The reviews? I’m not sure what sways me, but recently I’d say I’ve thought more about where my products have come from and how they’ve been tested, because who wants to fuel a brand that tests on animals? Definitely not me!

I’m not going to pretend that in my younger years I didn’t buy the cheapest beauty products on the shelf that everyone else seemed to have too. May we never forget the Maybelline Dream Matt Mousse; the worst foundation to ever exist. However, now I can afford to buy slightly more upmarket beauty products, I’ve taken a liking to finding brands that use natural ingredients and, more importantly, don’t test on animals.

I can’t believe I haven’t updated you on this, but since getting a puppy back in March, I’ve become totally animal obsessed. After doing some research into a few major beauty brands, I was shocked to learn how many of them test on animals! I’ve since made a conscious effort to spend some time looking for some cruelty-free skincare and makeup brands. One of my favourites is Q+A Caffeine Eye Serum – it really brightens the skin under my eyes and feels so cooling to apply! AND it’s vegan… what more could you want?

Anyway, more about the puppy! She’s called Jessie but more commonly referred to as the most beautiful pup in the world. I can’t even really call her a puppy anymore, she’s 8 months old now! But just look how cute she is, those eyes ?.

As you can tell I could probably sit here and write 800 words on Jessie herself, but that’s not the point of this blog. If you take one thing away from this, it’s to research your beauty brands and make sure they’re cruelty-free!!