Let’s Talk About Hair

Moving away from beards somewhat, I decided it would be cool to talk about another area within the topic of grooming – hair!

You might be surprised to hear that this is so often overlooked, especially amongst men who like to focus on their beards. I personally subscribe to the belief that hair is as important as facial hair. Your beard can look as pristine as possible, but if your hair looks scruffy then forget about it.

You need the full package, and in this post I’ll hopefully provide my best tips on just how to do that.

If before I got diving into the different waxes and clays I use, it’s important first to touch upon the basics.

To start I feel it’s very important that you invest in a good quality, sturdy hair comb. The kind that will last you for years and years to come. My top tip? Find one created with an acetate mould. These are very sturdy and are pleasant to hold. Unlike a wooden comb, if you inevitably end up dropping an acetate comb there is a very high chance it will survive the fall and not break.

Styling hair with pomade

Once you’ve solved that conundrum it’s time to move onto to establishing which product you’re actually going to use in your hair.

The product I find myself coming back to again and again is something called pomade. Most of the time, this can have quite a thick consistency, but my personal favourites are ones that are water based. These have more of a stiff jelly kind of consistency. I’ve always thought that this type is much easier to wash out at the end of the day, and provide as good a hold as any non-water based pomade.            

After rinsing my hair, and using my acetate comb I apply this pomade every morning and slowly work it throughout my hair with the comb. More often than not I go for the classic slick backed look and this product is perfect for helping me attain that. I won’t be changing it any time soon that you can believe.