Men’s Grooming: Is it new?

Okay before any of you call me out for the title I know men’s grooming isn’t a new concept. The image of the traditional gentleman obviously is something that we’re all at least somewhat familiar with right? And of course the image of thisĀ  isn’t necessarily just the British gentleman with his well kept facial hair or a clean shave, there are many different ways that men’s grooming has become represented by the different cultures that have employed. Now if you’re wondering where exactly I’m going with this then let me ask a different question from what I had in the title, what’s new in the world of men’s grooming?

Let me give you my answer to that question I just asked. I believe the main thing about men’s grooming that is new is that the conversation around it is something that comes up more often than before. When I say it comes up more often I mean it comes up far FAR more often than it ever did before. I’d like to say that it just comes from the simple idea of people being more progressive but the reality is that as society has developed into the way it is now we’re simply more vain. The vanity perspective may not sit right with a lot of people but that’s what I honestly believe is the simple truth of things. The dawn of social media puts us in a position where the idea of looking good becomes much more important than simply trying to attract someone at school or work. Looking good now becomes a much more solid representation of how people will judge you. Before you start getting too emotional on me and start crying about how “you shouldn’t judge someone by their appearance haven’t you ever heard of that old saying about not judging a book by it’s cover?” and to be honest with you I’ve never truly understood that saying. I mean let’s be real here there’s an entire part of the book publishing process dedicated to figuring out what sort of cover art you want to use. The cover doesn’t necessarily accurately portray what’s going to be in the book and sometimes it can be downright misleading, but the cover is there to get your interest. In a world where you don’t have an issue with the variety of “books” to choose from I feel like the cover becomes much more important.