Men’s Grooming Under The Spotlight

Hello again everyone. I’m posting this here today to talk about…you guessed it – Men’s grooming.

In this inaugural post, I wanted to really sum up my feelings towards men’s grooming and the industry as a whole. Personally it has done me so much good. So much so that it has inspired to start this blog with the aim of spreading the word and hoping others begin to get serious about men’s grooming too.

My love affair with grooming and personal care all started soon after I was dumped by my ex-girlfriend. I was desolate and really in a bad way. One of the biggest sucker punches was the fact that she told me one of the reasons she broke up with me was because of my outward appearance (in terms of dress) and my personal hygiene and grooming.

She was frustrated by how I would never make an effort to look nice whenever we went out for occasions with friends or family. About 6 months in to our relationship, I started growing a beard, but really didn’t take too great care of it. I never trimmed my neck hair for instance, and never considered purchasing some oil or balm to keep it under wraps and smelling nice.

After the breakup I was understandably heartbroken. I moped for a few weeks, but eventually I came to the conclusion that I was going to turn this situation into a good thing. That I would take her feedback and actually use it. I promised myself that in my next relationship i wouldn’t let the same mistakes I previously made repeat themselves.

That’s when I properly started taking men’s grooming seriously. I decided to keep my beard, but trimmed it out and made it look very tidy. I still trim it bi-weekly now to keep it in shape. I also invested in a high quality beard grooming kit that I still use almost daily.

I haven’t looked back since I made this change in my life, and I just wanted to highlight this to the men reading this – Taking good care of your appearance can do wonders to your confidence and happiness. Give it a try!