The site

I like to write. Well more specifically I like to talk and talk and talk and talk. Writing translates my talkative nature pretty well and so this website makes a lot of sense for me. I like talking about men’s grooming and basically all topics about that. Well that’s not all I like talking about but for the purpose of this blog I’ll keep to men’s grooming and stuff like that. I’d really just like to keep it uniform so yeah this blog’s about men’s grooming.

I don’t think my name or what I do for a living are very important topics that I need to talk about. I think what’s more important is describing what kind of guy I am and the way that I like to conduct myself. Well I like to keep my personal grooming to a very high standard and also for the record I’m a guy so that’s men’s grooming we’re talking about. Oh I also like to talk a lot so if you ever start a correspondence with me expect paragraphs.